Facebook Fan pages

The Facebook fan page is a publicised business profile which lets you market your business and products with all the Facebook users and the general public.

Facebook Fan Pages can be an asset to your company's online marketing scheme and assists you in building long term relationships with your fans, followers and customer bases.

You post informative content about your business on your Facebook page relevant to your customers. This creates publicity, generating awareness of your company brand and working to achieve loyalty between your business and your customer.

Companies can advertise on Facebook to a targeted audience!

Your Facebook fan page is noticeable to unregistered Facebook users also, therefore you will have a "link" to your Facebook fan page on your businesses website.
Also, you will have your businesses webpage on Facebook viewable by Facebook users and the general public.

When people view your business on your Facebook page, people can become a "fan" of your page and / or share your stories via a link.
This link will, in turn be viewed by all their Facebook "friends" on their news feed, therefore creating exposure through word of mouth at a more rapid and broad rate.