Google+ Networking

Google+ Pages are where businesses can communicate with the public through the use of a social network.

Your Google+ page is a publicised business profile which lets you market your business and products. Businesses can broadcast themselves for what they do and more.
Google+ pages are almost the same as Facebook pages with a slight difference. Google+ works with "circles", one circle is your family, another is your work colleagues.
If you want to post about a confidential business story, you don't necessarily want to post it to all your friends or family members.
Anyone can easily comment on your Google+ Page post, and you can quickly respond.

Google incorporates Plus into its search engine.

When searchers enter their keyword in a local search, your Google+ page is listed with your Google maps page in the Google places section of the Google page.
Google+ Direct Connect benefits your business in searches as searchers can put a "+" before their keyword / phrase and be lead directly to your business's Google+ page.

Google+ pages have an advantage over Facebook pages, with a broad range of services including Google search, Gmail, Chrome and Android. Google offers many services that are essential to any web surfer, and these services can be linked to Google+.

Google+ works in conjunction with YouTube, the webs most well known video website, and Picasa, its photo posting tool.