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website development, keyword metatags, meta keywords tags

website development, keyword metatags, meta keywords tags

Today keywords tags are irrelevant for high rankings!

The only major search engine on the web that looks at keyword metatags anymore is Microsoft Bing. In your website development, to avoid hurting your web site, your best design option is to only add the keywords in your copy text on the page to keyword metatags or simply, never add keyword metatags.

Good website development, requires that you use everything available to you that might give some weight with the search engines including meta keywords. Some engines still index the keywords within the meta keywords / keyword metatags as a minor supplement to the text in the body copy and the title meta tag.

Keyword rich copy is crucial for search engine success!
The first phase of your website development and any search engine optimization campaign is "keyword strategy".
One of the most important benefits of all search engine marketing is the ability to target a very specific audience with keywords. Approximately half of all searches conducted involve keywords of three words or more. The only way to effectively target these searchers is to cover your bases with good design & website development, keyword research and copywriting.

"Can the meta keywords / keyword metatags in website development bring High SE Rankings?" - JILL WHALEN 

We perform a detailed analysis to make sure that you are targeting keywords that people are actually searching for when we design a site.

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You need to know what products / services your targeted audience are searching for!

Keyword research is a critical component to a solid and rounded SEO strategy. You need to know what people are searching for in order to target the right search terms. For your business website to be more visible in search engines you must find keywords / search terms specific to your business that achieve high positions and bring in more traffic that is interested in your product or service. Your keywords must be specific, but search terms that are too specific are useless because nobody searches for them.

As competition goes down, so does the popularity of the search term...

Well optimised, Quality content impresses search engines and is loved by social media followers!

Website pages must also contain the important "keywords" that will increase your search ranking, bringing more visitors to your site. You must determine the most important "keywords" for each and every page of your website's content.

Content writing is closely linked to web marketing campaigns. Content writing is the creating of content on websites that sells your product or service and convinces prospective customers to take action. Well-written, Quality content is essential for prospective customers and content that is well optimised, impresses the search engines resulting in more traffic...


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