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website development, meta tags, meta title, meta description, meta keywords

website development, meta tags, meta title, meta description, meta keywords

The Meta Title and Description meta tags must not be ignored! Meta Title and Description meta tags must be relevant to each and every individual page in the website development.

Installation of meta tags is still an important part of overall website development. Although the importance of meta tags in website development has diminised, some directories / engines still index the keywords within the tags of a website especially the Title and Description. The meta tags also inform the search engine "spiders" as what to do and are also used in source code design.

When we design your site, we insert individual meta title and meta description tags on all of the pages in your website relating to that individual page's content. Chosen keywords covering the key areas of your business are inserted in the meta title and meta description on all of the relevant website pages, text and meta tags, to ensure that all key areas of your business are well represented in the engines.

Keywords inserted in the title and description tags are still one of the search engine optimization factors to determine web site rankings.

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Keywords are what we type in when we are searching for products and services in the search engines!

Your business’ presence on search engines is bounded by keywords. Knowing which specific keywords people use to find your product or information about your services makes it easier for them to find you.

Keywords are the foundation of search engine marketing. Keyword selection is integral to a top ranking on the search engines and is fundamental to success when it comes to executing a paid search or PPC campaign. Keyword research is one of the most important activities in initial website design and search engine marketing...

Content writing is closely linked to web marketing campaigns!

When writing copy for your website, you must write for your targeted audience. If you know who your readers are, you can write about what they want to read. Only then, perform keyword research and determine the most relevant keywords for each and every page of your website's content.

What successful content is the competition in your industry sharing and who is linking to their content? After you have keyword, competitor and reader knowledge, it is important to write a title, containing that pages most important keywords that will also interest readers...


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