PPC advertising campaigns | Pay Per Click services | PPC campaign management

PPC advertising campaigns, PPC campaign management, Pay Per Click services

PPC advertising campaigns, PPC campaign management, Pay Per Click services

To remain competitive, brands must capitalise on the most effective search engine advertising channels. This means tapping into Pay Per Click services!

Start Pay Per Click Advertising today, get traffic today!

Advertisers place bids for specific search terms, then, when a searcher clicks on an advertiser's ad, the advertiser is charged according to the amount he or she bid for that search term.

Google AdWords & Microsoft Advertising afford advertisers a high degree of control over their advertising campaigns & Pay Per Click services and the ability to easily measure the outcomes of those campaigns.

Because all the advertisers with which you compete also have the same ability to measure and control their activities, PPC advertising campaigns require active monitoring and PPC campaign management.

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Campaign Management

Online Promotions & Graphix setup & manage your PPC advertising campaigns, adjusting keyword bids to get the best Return On Investment for your budget.

A major advantage of Pay Per Click advertising is the control over the conditions that trigger the display of the ad. You pay only when someone visits your site.

Your Google AdWords & Microsoft Advertising PPC advertising campaigns should use effective cost management and keyword management strategies to get the best return on investment (ROI).

Pay Per Click is used initially while optimising the website because you attract traffic as soon as the ad is put up.

After the site is optimised (up to 3 months), PPC advertising campaigns would only cover those "compeditive" keywords that you would not optimise pages for, for obvious reasons.

For the targeted, non-compeditive keywords, a top position in the organics results is obtained with good SE optimisation.

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The pay per click marketplace is currently dominated by Google AdWords & Microsoft Advertising. These two engines control the vast majority of English language Pay Per Click searches on the Internet today.

Facebook is one of the most powerful advertising platforms available and, for certain businesses, Facebook Pay Per Click services can present a huge value that cannot be matched by other Pay Per Click advertising platforms.

If your PPC advertising campaigns need to target professionals, LinkedIn allows targeting of users by unique traits such as industry, company and job title.

Poor PPC campaign management ends up costing more & delivering Poor lead generation results!

PPC Campaign Management includes the creation and optimisation of ads, management of a daily ad budget, analytics analysis and reporting. Measurement and analysis identifies weaknesses and highlight opportunities to improve overall performance of Google AdWords & Microsoft Advertising Pay Per Click services.

PPC Campaign Management ensures that the best results are delivered, a regular schedule of performance reviews is implemented and adjustments made as needed...

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What makes SEM so effective is that you get found by potential customers looking for the service you offer. Search Engine marketing SEM should deliver a good overall outcome with better conversion rates and higher profits.

Our online promotions and marketing services include all the critical elements needed to generate, improve and maintain your website's rankings.

Online Promotions & Graphix adopt a variety of online marketing strategies depending on your industry and needs. Your online marketing strategy should be a blended strategy using all online marketing services available including Pay Per Click services.

Online Promotions & Graphix make it easier for consumers to find the products you have to offer on the search engines using "proven" & "ethical" search engine marketing methods to promote your business...

Google Analytics imports your AdWords data giving you an insight on how your ads and campaigns are performing and supplying you crucial information about what visitors do after they've clicked on your ad.

Google Analytics has AdWords integrations for mobile and display campaigns and tells you everything you want to know about your traffic including how your visitors found you, what device they were using and how they interact with your mobile application and website.

Online Promotions & Gpaphix install Google Analytics tracking & reporting software which provides statistical and analytical tools to monitor & plan successful PPC advertising campaigns, PPC campaign management, Pay Per Click services and other search engine marketing applications.

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